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Frederick Forsyth

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Attorney Calvin Dexter hangs his shingle in a quiet New Jersey town, has a reasonably successful practice, and takes the hills strong while triathalon training. But Dexter is no ordinary man. *** The summer before he goes to college, Ricky Colenso travels to Bosnia to volunteer as an aid worker. A few weeks later, he disappears and is never heard from again. A family grieves and is offered little hope--in the fog of that horrible time and place, the killer, too, has vanished. *** Or so it would seem. For in a world that has forgotten right and wrong, there are few like Cal Dexter who can settle the score. And so, years later, a worldwide chase is on and Dexter begins to draw a net around the killer. But this time CIA agent Paul Devereux must find a way to stop Dexter before his quest for vengeance throws the world into chaos.

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Frederick Forsyth Avenger

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It is available in 2 models in India. The Avenger participated in the Imperial victory at Hoth. Google Play Books ist ein Online-Buchhandlungsangebot von Google. Zeigt das große Speicherverbrauchsproblem an, das häufig bei Django auftritt.

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